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Jaclyn Hill is my favourite YouTuber and it used to drive me mad when she would talk about her Champagne Pop highlighter in collaboration with Becca Cosmetics. At first it was limited edition in the US and was like absolute gold dust to get a hold of. It finally got made permanent and I had no idea you could purchase it in the UK! I was in SpaceNK in Nottingham when I stumbled across it and freaked out.

I got to the till and nearly died when the lady said it was Β£32, I would never dream of spending this much on a highlighter but I majorly wanted it so so bad! It was possibly the best Β£32 I’ve spent on make up. When I opened it I didn’t think you got much in there, however a little really goes a long way with this product.

Before I had this, I was using theBalm Mary Lou Manizer, which I still love and use. Champagne pop has much more of a warmer undertone than Mary Lou Manizer so if I’m wearing fake tan it’s perfect where as if not then I’ll stick to Mary Lou Manizer. I apply this with my Morphe M501 brush.

You NEED this product in your life!


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