Being from the North, fake tan is very much in my blood. I’ve rounded up my most rated fake tans for every type of tanner…

Always shave and exfoliate the day before you plan on tanning. I use Lush Ocean Salt to exfoliate my skin and Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff scrub on tough areas such as knees and elbows etc. Tough Stuff leaves your skin feeling silky and not like you’ve just erased off a layer, fully rate it. If you have sensitive skin, avoid a salt based scrub and use a sugar based one. Follow up by moisturising the skin, I use Palmers Cocoa Butter as that’s just my preferred moisturiser. Make sure your skin is free of moisturisers when you go to start tanning as this will encourage streaks, hence why this should be done the night before.

I use latex gloves to apply my fake tan, none of my friends seem to agree with this but I think it’s great. Personally I find that a tanning mit absorbs too much product and leaks through my hands. However Marissa Carter founder of Cocoa Brown has brought out a double sided mit, our prayers have been answered.

Best Instant Tan: Rimmel Sun Shimmer

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.45.21



I’ve used this for years, it’s so perfect for last minute needs for tanning. Rimmel listened to peoples wants and needs and improved the formula to make it water resistant, so you’re safe if you knock a drink on yourself on a night out or get caught in the rain! It comes in matte or a shimmer, in shades light – medium – dark. Available at Boots.



Best Gradual Tan: St Tropez In Shower Lotion

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.51.48.png

This is a fairly new tan which launched last summer, with such a unique concept I couldn’t not give it a try. Concept being you shower and wash your hair etc and then (with the shower off) apply this all over the body and wait for 3 minutes before showering it off. Standing in your shower naked in a lotion is a bit weird at first, I recommend using this time to do a hair mask, brush your teeth or do squats (legit yes I did this). This tan has a built in moisturiser so no need to moisturise after your shower. After your first application you wont notice much of a difference but if you use this every day, after about 3-4 days you’ll see you’re developing a gorgeous natural looking tan. It’s great for fair skin tones who don’t usually wear much fake tan. Also perfect for beginners as it is absolutely streak free. Available at Boots.


Best Natural Looking Tan: Bondi Sands Foam

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 23.00.57.png


Recommended to me by my Australian bestie, this tan is quite new to the UK. It smells absolutely divine, I felt like a walking pina colada. I applied 2 coats in the shade Dark before I went to bed as I wanted a deep tan. I woke up still smelling of pina coladas but with a very dark tan, I showered off the excess and it really evened out the tan looking like I’d been on holiday overnight. I used this when I got back from holiday and received so many comments on how great my tan was… little did they know it was fake AF. The downside of this tan is that it takes ages to dry and feels sticky if you go to bed with it not fully dried. Weirdly it also stains your bedsheets pink? no idea where the pink comes from. However it does come off easy in the wash! Available at Boots.



Best Overall Tan: Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 23.10.00.png


No matter how many new tans I try, I always end up going back to this one. It’s easy to apply, not streaky, no biscuit smell, doesn’t stain bedsheets and dries super quick. It lasts for about a week and doesn’t do that patchy thing on your skin that other tans do when they flake off and leave your skin looking like you’ve got a liver infection, if you know you know. I fully rate this. Available at Feel Unique.

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