This is a v much delayed post but I’m so picky and protective over my eyebrows that I had to post about this.

So I got some samples of the Benefit Brow pencil and Clear Brow gel in a magazine and I thought I’d try because I was getting a decent product for free. Usually for brows all I do is use the Topshop brow gel and that’s me set, I’ve never been fussed about the whole Anastatsia brow hype either.

I swatched the pencil on my hand and I was fascinated by the colour as it actually looked like a brow colour, not like a brown eyeliner. I used it lightly on my brows just to fill in the gaps to define my brow. It was so easy and I didn’t realise how much it made a difference to my brows!

The gel is clear, for some reason I thought it would have a tint to it. However it does have some sort of weird smell I’m unsure how I feel about it. The wand could be a bit more defined so it can comb through the hairs cause ATM it feels slightly like you’re sliding clear gunk into your brow. But it does keep yours brows in place all day.

I’m debating whether to repurchase or not when I run out, but I think I will as I am reaching for these two products everyday. If you’re ever in Benefit I’d try these out!


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