This is hands down, THE best purchase of 2016.

So this bag has a great story behind it, and it absolutely was an impulsive buy, no regrets though. Never.

So, after finishing 2nd year of uni after an absolute disaster of a term but still getting decent grades, and then going straight into working full time I was debating buying myself a designer bag as a present to myself. I didn’t think I’d actually do it though, I just like browsing Selfridges online too much. So, my friend and I were in Islington and thought we would have a look in this new shop called Handbag Clinic, as I knew they’d opened one in Newcastle as some friends of mine work there. So the shop was like a little boutique of handbags, the two girls inside were SOOO lovely and helpful with great knowledge of the bags, one of them was from Newcastle so we were chatting on to them for ages. Yasmin and I were just browsing the bags and there were Chanels, Louis’s and Pradas all pre owned and some in amazing condition and some you could tell had been worn. I was waving my finger past the bags literally saying the words ‘…I want something which is like… A bit of me… Like THAT and stopped at this gorgeous Celine Trio. But I was just amazed at the condition of the bag! The lady working told me that a lot of their customer is Chelsea based and will only buy a bag and wear it once type of thing. The bag was immaculate, it honestly looked brand new. I quickly googled the bag and it was on the Céline website for £740, but in the handbag clinic for £450. Obviously I know this is a LOT of money to spend on a bag, but the bag was in new grade A condition but with £300 knocked off the price tag, like that is an offer I just couldn’t refuse. Obvi  you got the Céline dust bag with it too.

I didn’t realise that each part of the bag is attached with press studs and can be taken off and used as a clutch bag. So you kinda get a bit of 3 bags in one.

I started to think about the fact that yeah I had worked hard so why not treat myself, OBVI this lead to me then buying the bag. I legit have no regrets, like after purchasing I felt like an absolute girl BOSS. The feeling of buying something big and thinking ‘yeah I deserved that’ is so nice. I honestly think we should all treat ourselves more.

Handbag Clinic also have an online website too, I recommend checking it out and have a browse at what they have to offer. Some bags you can tell have obviously been used, some more than others, but a lot of them are in amazing condition! It is Handbag ‘Clinic’ so they do repair and restore designer bags, absolute life savour! You can also purchase protection kits to protect your designer bags from dirt and stains and even red wine stains!

Outfit deets:

Literally everything from Topshop, the sleeveless biker is last season and the sunnies are from ASOS. Style of jeans is MOM jean.


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