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Hand on heart I never  thought I’d see the day that I’d be writing this post….. I’VE ONLY GONE AND FINISHED UNIVERSITY! My 3 years at The London College of Fashion have utterly flown by, it’s been an experience I’ll put it that way. P.s. if you’re someone who is looking to go to university then you can view my post about application tips here.

Above is me posing with my Final Major Project (FMP) creative outcome… a Virtual Reality makeup tutorial (yaay!). Many arts degrees will do an FMP instead of dissertation and HELL NO this is not an easier alternative. Mine consisted of a 3000-5000 word report (75%) and a creative outcome (25%), the report was basically research/findings/design rationale behind your outcome, plus some sketchbooks and contextual files. I tell you what during this project I ENVIED those who just have to submit a word document for their diss, ours had to be creatively displayed out on InDesign and then professionally printed. If you know, you know.

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You know what, I loved my creative outcome, a massive thank you to Yasmin for coming all the way to London to help me out with my video. I’m trying to get it up on YouTube as a 360 video but having some issues… so if anyone has any experience with that then PLZ let me know!

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Honestly, it just feels so great to not have that constant weight on my shoulders. It’s really weird, I just felt guilty whenever I wasn’t doing work. Like, I couldn’t even watch the Kardashians without a voice inside my head telling me I should do work. I have no idea how well I’ll do tbh, and I’ve never been a grade A student so I’m really not expecting a first and you know what, thats okkkkkk! Give me third and I’m happy that I just managed to pass the bloody thing. Roll on graduation in July though, I’m spying some Sophia Webster’s for my grad shoes!

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I don’t know how I feel about uni though, when people say it’s the best time of your life I look at them like…. really? When I look back now over the past 3 years I think stress, anxiety, more stress, pressure, never feeling good enough, more stress, more anxiety. And yeah thats deep but it’s true, I know there’s many others that will relate to that. I could never really see friends because I was always too busy either uni working or actual working.

The best thing that uni did to me was bring me to London, the rest is just meh. Oh and the people, I’ve met some right dickheads but amongst that met some utter GEMS. I’ve learnt a lot about culture, personalities and even religions!! Coming from Newcastle with zero diversity it’s been SO interesting to learn about others views on life (Leonie and Zaynab that ones for you x). If you don’t know me you’re probably reading that like what the f*ck is she on about. Yo Sushi 25% student discount has been an absolute blessing, fully rate that.

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AH, thinking about what uni taught me (everything but the actual course really) brings me to my next point, if you know me you 100% know what this is. BACK UP YOUR BLOODY WORK!!!! You know when your tutor nags you about buying a memory stick… THERE’S A REASON! I am that reason. Throwback to summer last year when I spilt a Starbucks strawbs & cream (not even soya) on my MacBook and lost all my work resulting in me having to do a whole terms work in 2 weeks. Yay. Anyway, so there’s living proof you need to back up your shit.

When you live with people, you’ll question everyones upbringing. “Who the fuck doesn’t know how to a mop a floor like I wonder what their house is like at home”. EVERYONE will experience a dirty flatmate, the one who gets half their dinner on the floor when trying to make dinner, or who never wipes down a surface after them, don’t even get me started on the dishes. If you’re reading this thinking ‘I’ve never had one of those flatmates?’ then, it’s probably you.



Another flatmate you don’t want to be is the stingy one who always used peoples stuff, as demonstrated by Paul below. P.s. still don’t know who ate the lurpack.


There’s always an innocent one who has been mothered their whole life and finally gets a sense of reality and goes WILD. They’re great.


There’s definitely a passive aggressive one of the flat, and this was 110% me. Expect angry notes on your door, absolute dramas in the group chat if you’re making noise past 11 when I have a deadline, and expect even bigger rictions if you leave your stinking dishes in the sink for days. Lol don’t even get me started on using my stuff and not washing it up.


There’s many more but I’ll end it here on the flatmate who can’t cook for shit. This is the first thing I tried to make when I moved out. You can just make your own judgement.


Looking back writing this, the people deffo gave me the best memories, and thank you to everyone for being part of it all. I’d like to dedicate this post to my dad, THE Papa Baggers for being my no1 and refusing to let me drop out whenever I thought I couldn’t do it. Plus majorly for moving me to and from halls and the shit that I managed to fill our iconic Citron Picasso with. 110% theres no chance I couldn’t of done final year without Jamie, who I think is so relieved that he wont need to deal with the mental breakdowns, stressy attitude and random crying. I think I may of given up on the diss if it wasn’t for you. Big up Rob G VIP and Yasmin for listening to my rants and problems throughout, my rocks, always.


Anyway, end of the soppy post.  I’ve got me life back so expect way more on here. I’m off to be a 9-5 Head Office gyal at Topshop and FINALLY HAVE WEEKENDS BACK!!! Expect me at Columbia Road flower market every Sunday x

One thought on “#LIFE – I’VE GOT MY LIFE BACK!

  1. Annie sharp says:

    Brilliant article darling Bibi and many congratulations for surviving those years!!!
    You are really an inspiration to everyone and I’m incredibly lucky to have the Baggers family as friends.
    Loved the pic of Nick….made me 😂 laugh so much.
    Wishing you much success and fun in your new job xxxxxx
    If you ever decide to travel come visit us in Cambodia.
    Much love
    Annie xxxxx

    Sent from my iPad

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