I used to ALWAYS think ‘what on earth is this Like To Know.It and why is every blogger using it???” Until I actually downloaded the app and realised how useful it was. I still feel like not a lot of people understand how to actually use it though, so here’s a run down…

First of all you need to install the app on your phone… duh….

So all I need to do is enable my photo with LikeToKnow.It, you’ll usually know if it’s enabled because I’ll put a link in my caption and it may have a symbol in the bottom right corner. Once you’ve liked or even screen-shotted my image that triggers my image to be sent to your email/homepage on LTK with a full run down of the products featured in my image!

All the images you’ve liked hit down onto your main feed, just click on an image to be able to shop!

You can also follow other influencers and bloggers…


You can search for inspo and shop anything featured…


It’s so easy! There’s nothing more annoying than loving someones outfit on Instagram and not knowing where its from. Problem solved!

*I receive a tiny amount of commissionΒ from any sales made through my LikeToKnow.It #SuportYourGal



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