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After being struck down with a 24/48hr sickness bug over the weekend, my body conveniently sorted itself out in time for the Sophia Webster presentation at LFW today. I am an avid lover of Sophia Webster and her designs, more so as she is an alumni and my university and her little baby girl is called Bibi.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetI wore my Topshop embroidered denim combo with some fish net tights and my Sophia Webster Bibi low top trainers, obviously the baby pink Gucci belt made an appearance too.

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The location was at the Vinyl factory in Soho. You had to enter through a vinyl record shop which had an amazing aspect of a real life Narnia experience. When you wandered down the grungy stairs you were greeted with a snow cone of your choice, I opted for watermelon flavour obvs.

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There was fake snow everywhere, which for once felt weird as London seemed to be experiencing some kind of heatwave today. A giant snow globe consisting of 2 models in the most incredible thigh highs was what we first laid out eyes on.

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Shoes were displayed on dripping ice podiums and bars. “I scream for ice queens” hung on the wall in neon.

We then walked round the corner to more gorgeous models in highly embellished crowns and jewels and butterfly shoes on ice podiums. It was basically Frozen but for the older customer, I was in my element. Instead of ‘let it go’ playing we had Dj Emerald playing some sassy RnB.

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These shoes I literally can’t even deal, I think they have over 4 thousand diamonds on them ?!

These light up boots gave me life “hot like fire / cold like ace”

Finally, here’s the queen herself 👑


The Boxing Day sales felt like they were SO long ago! I never shop on actual Boxing Day and I don’t agree with it either (most likely because I’m knee deep at work picking shit up off the floor wishing I was at home actually enjoying Christmas #RetailProbs). I wait 2/4 weeks after the launch day as this is when further reductions happen and more lines go into sale and you get the good shit. I managed to get my hands on some really good bits this year from Topshop so thought I’d share.

My number 1 purchase may have to be my navy feather jacket. I lusted over this when I first saw it but out of stock it went. I found a lost one in the sale with a £50 price reduction and just HAD to purchase. I got a size 10 (I usually wear an 8 in jackets) as I wanted it slightly oversized and able to fit a hoodie underneath.

In terms of price reduction, the embroidered tote bag HAS to be number 1. I always wanted this but originally priced at £65 it was a no from me hun. I managed to pick it up for £15! Yes, it is the same style as my chain cross body, but this one I can use for my shopping and uni books… like if I was to use uni books that is.

Another bag purchase, I love the Gucci inspired embroidery on this little cross body. It’s just the perfect size for little everyday trips. For £10 I really couldn’t go wrong with this purchase.
Finally, the shoes! Yet again I wanted these so bad when I first saw them but of course, out of stock they went so I bought the grey suede version instead. I do love a print on a shoe as it adds so much more vibrancy to and outfit and brings it all together.

Photographer: @BoothDanielle // www.daniellebooth.co.uk


If you follow me on Instagram, you may of realised that I was a slight jet setter over the festive period. Not soz. Instead of documenting each trip I thought I’d do a post with the trips combined. It may just be nice to see where my outfits were from or how to dress for -3 freezing weather. Ive tried to add the details for every item but some may be out of stock… sorry!


For new year I went to Paris for 5 days with 2 days at Disneyland on NYE/NYD. The other days were for exploring and shopping and lots of Sephora visits. It was so cold so I pre planned and actually bought thermals from Uniqlo. So #fasHUN I know right?! They were actually amazing and worked wonders I honestly don’t know what I would of done without them. I bought some leather (faux) trousers from Topshop as I thought they would be ideal for keeping in body heat, which they obvi were. I took the Celine with me on the trip as you can fit so many essentials in it and the detachable pouches are ideal if you want to carry more or less.

Jacket: Topshop. It’s real feathers (turkey to be exact) and went into sale so keep an eye out in store! It’s currently sold out online.

Hoodie: This is another Topshop sale purchase, I bought the tall version as I wanted it oversized.

Bag: Celine. This needs no explanation apart from it’s my life. And yes, it does get its own seat at the table. I even did a blog post on it, here.

Trousers: Topshop. Although there’s a newer version here which are nicer.

Shoes: & Other Stories. I bought these over a year ago in Amsterdam and they’re so comfy to wear. They were perfect to travel with because they add height but because of the platform they’re actually quite flat so comfy to walk in.

Hat/Gloves: I mean my hat is just a basic woolly Pom Pom from H&M last year, my gloves are Topshop. They’re super warm and have touchscreen embedded fingertips SO ideal!


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Disneyland was SO cold, it was -3 and because it’s out in the open and not built up like a city you really feel the cold more. Because I wore thermals and layers I could feel the cold on my face only which was really weird, a balaclava would of been ideal but that’s not quite fasHUN.  I pretty much wore the same outfit but changed my shoes and bag. I put on trainers for extra comfort and I decided to change bag as I didn’t want to damage the Celine on any rides. On day 2 of Disney I swapped the leather look trousers for black Topshop Jamie jeans (holy grail).

Bag: Topshop, it’s so handy and beaut. As it’s real leather it looks better as it ages.

Shoes: These are super old Liberty London X Nike. They probably came out about 3/4 years ago? You can find them on depop/eBay but I think they’re quite pricey.

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I’d never been to Disneyland before and it was SO magical I didn’t want to leave. I honestly recommend it so much. If you can I would go for 2 days as if you go for only one you might end up spending the majority of it queuing. For the 2 days the ticket is about £100 but worth it, you really do get an experience with it alongside the rides. We didn’t stay in a Disneyland resort hotel, our hotel was near the Effiel Tower and we just got the train to Disneyland which was only 7€ plus as we went on NYE/NYD it was free travel!


I love Amsterdam it’s such a beautiful city. I was supposed to move out there this year as part of a university year abroad but I decided that the year out wasn’t for me for a numerous reasons. I think deffo in the future I could see myself living in Amsterdam. If you go to visit you have to go to Thrill Grill burger restaurant! And obviously visit the Anne Frank house. Yes you have to queue but it’s worth it, it really is. I was expecting it to just be a room of the house but it’s actually the whole house and it’s actually quite touching. Anyway, Amsterdam was also cold but not as much as Paris. I still packed my thermals though!

Jacket: This is from Zara, it’s actually in the sale!

Top: Another Zara sale purchase, it’s just a plain black jersey top which I got in a L to be oversized.

Jeans: Classic Topshop Jamie jeans.

Shoes: & Other Stories as before

Bag: Celine as before


This is hands down, THE best purchase of 2016.

So this bag has a great story behind it, and it absolutely was an impulsive buy, no regrets though. Never.

So, after finishing 2nd year of uni after an absolute disaster of a term but still getting decent grades, and then going straight into working full time I was debating buying myself a designer bag as a present to myself. I didn’t think I’d actually do it though, I just like browsing Selfridges online too much. So, my friend and I were in Islington and thought we would have a look in this new shop called Handbag Clinic, as I knew they’d opened one in Newcastle as some friends of mine work there. So the shop was like a little boutique of handbags, the two girls inside were SOOO lovely and helpful with great knowledge of the bags, one of them was from Newcastle so we were chatting on to them for ages. Yasmin and I were just browsing the bags and there were Chanels, Louis’s and Pradas all pre owned and some in amazing condition and some you could tell had been worn. I was waving my finger past the bags literally saying the words ‘…I want something which is like… A bit of me… Like THAT and stopped at this gorgeous Celine Trio. But I was just amazed at the condition of the bag! The lady working told me that a lot of their customer is Chelsea based and will only buy a bag and wear it once type of thing. The bag was immaculate, it honestly looked brand new. I quickly googled the bag and it was on the Céline website for £740, but in the handbag clinic for £450. Obviously I know this is a LOT of money to spend on a bag, but the bag was in new grade A condition but with £300 knocked off the price tag, like that is an offer I just couldn’t refuse. Obvi  you got the Céline dust bag with it too.

I didn’t realise that each part of the bag is attached with press studs and can be taken off and used as a clutch bag. So you kinda get a bit of 3 bags in one.

I started to think about the fact that yeah I had worked hard so why not treat myself, OBVI this lead to me then buying the bag. I legit have no regrets, like after purchasing I felt like an absolute girl BOSS. The feeling of buying something big and thinking ‘yeah I deserved that’ is so nice. I honestly think we should all treat ourselves more.

Handbag Clinic also have an online website too, I recommend checking it out and have a browse at what they have to offer. Some bags you can tell have obviously been used, some more than others, but a lot of them are in amazing condition! It is Handbag ‘Clinic’ so they do repair and restore designer bags, absolute life savour! You can also purchase protection kits to protect your designer bags from dirt and stains and even red wine stains!

Outfit deets:

Literally everything from Topshop, the sleeveless biker is last season and the sunnies are from ASOS. Style of jeans is MOM jean.


I was going to post this as my summer shoe, but then I realised summer is nearly over now… Yeah that 4 day heatwave and that be it. However, this is a great transitional seasonal shoe, especially as in London we get a warm September (soz if ur reading this n ur up north). I never used to be a mule kinda gal, to the point where I bought a gorgeous dusty pink pair from Topshop over a year ago and haven’t worn them once. However I saw these in Topshop and couldn’t decide between black or silver, sure black will go with more but silver is a bit more fasHUN. Since purchasing these, I’ve discovered so many more mules which I’m loving, I’m trying to stop myself from purchasing. Here I’ve rounded up my top 5.





ZARA £59.99


Ive been loving pyjama style shirts recently! I think they look great paired with some mom jeans for that casual slouchy look.

Top & Bottoms: H&M

Top: Topshop

Bralet: ASOS

Belt: ASOS

Jeans: Vintage Levis

Top: (as before)

Belt: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop Jamie

Boots: Old old Topshop, style is called Ava, I’ve seen them knocking about on Depop.

Top: Topshop

Everything else as before



Remember a year or so back when chokers became a thing again? Yeah well I despised them and swore I’d never wear one. But being the hypocrite that I am I saw them in a new light this season. OBVI inspired by/slightly copying my fave Kendall Jenner I jumped on board. However, I decided to experiment first with ribbon instead of spending £8 on one from Topshop. I used black velvet ribbon to give it a bit of texture. It’s such a good idea as you can alternate lengths to create bows (as seen above) or just tie a knot on the back for the classic choker look. I bought my ribbon from John Lewis, but you can purchase ribbon pretty much anywhere!