4B709955-EFC1-4474-8110-53E44BB5C93E.JPG(Me staring into my coffee thinking about how badly I need a manicure)

It’s been I think since March that I actually posted content on here which makes me so annoyed! I’ve completely neglected my lil second project! I started my blog when I was in second year of uni just because I kept blagging everyones heads about the latest beauty products and loved trying bits out here and there. I actually originally never wanted to start a blog, I thought it was a bit cringe and I thought some people wrote in a really big headed/patronising way. I said if I was going to do one, it would have to have my name, tone of voice, everything written all over it. So I spent about 2 months staying up till 2am learning how to HTML and drafting up the site until I was 110% happy with it, and that’s how it came about. It was my space to tune out from uni work and vent into my own little world of basically talking to myself. I was really proud of myself for writing and posting content which actually managed to get views and comments because some of you may know, around the time of starting my blog I got diagnosed with Dyslexia. I used to really get my knickers in a twist when I had to do academic writing at uni because it was honestly like reading/writing in a foreign language. So when I started this, and people said they loved my writing and how real it felt, it really gave me a confidence boost because I’d found a way to write when I thought I couldn’t.

So 2nd year of uni passed and I entered 3rd year where work just really took over and naturally but unfortunately the posts reduced and my blog just got pushed to one side. I tried to draft up blog posts on the tube like usual but I’d spend so much time on my laptop doing work I actually craved time away from it. I still have a page in my Notes app on my phone of posts and ideas, the creative thoughts were still there I just didn’t have the energy to do them. Also around this time, ‘Influencing’ had started to become really big on Instagram/Social Media and I was exposed to loads of other girls my age who were also blogging, some doing it to make a living and some just doing it on the side like myself. I started to compare myself to these girls and really put myself down, I’d think “why have they gained 5k followers in a week? (now I know cause they fake AF and paid for them) Why are their photos shot on a professional camera and mine on my iPhone, my look so bad? They can write so much better than me the posts just flow. That’s such a good idea why didn’t I think of that?” I’d really beat myself up about it for absolutely no reason. I felt like my little side project of venting my excitement over beauty & fashion just wasn’t good enough.

One day I was scrolling through who has viewed my Instagram story that day and was clicking on profiles to see who the people were, when I stumbled on a girl who also had a blog. I clicked on her page and it took me about 0.3 seconds to realise that her blog was an exact copy of mine, even down to the words. So I was already feeling a bit meh about myself and this just topped it off. How can someone just hit copy and paste on something I spent so long creating and put so much effort into? I had tried to make this the most ‘me’ thing and this girl had just copied everything. I tried to get it shut down but as she didn’t host on WordPress I’d have to pay at least £200 and who has the money for that anyway? I messaged her to ask her to change it and she told me I should be flattered she copied it as it was a compliment… and then blocked me. She did change it sightly now however some content still remains the same as mine.

So yeah, I felt like my blog wasn’t good enough and someone had the cheek to rip it off so I just lost touch. I understandably just thought what’s the point? But a few months on and I love reading other peoples blogs so surely there’s some others out there who do too and will read mine? So I’m going to mix things up a bit, give it a bit of a refresh and carry on talking to myself on the web again x


(Don’t worry, I got that mani days later)

#LIFE – 25 BEFORE 25

Having goals is so important to me because I’m the kinda gal who always needs something to next achieve or work towards. When I finished uni and got a job I felt so lost because I’d achieved everything that younger Bibi had aspired to, it’s such a weird feeling to encounter. So I drafted up a 30 before 30 list but soon realised that’s like 8 and a bit years away (I’m 21, 22 in June), I need something within a shorter period of time! So here we have, my 25 before 25!

1. RUN A 5K

Nah not joking when I say I’m a fat girl in a skinny girls body, I am SO unfit. I can run for about 90 seconds on the treadmill before entering near cardiac arrest so wish me luck with this one.


I really want to go to Barcelona, and after seeing a football game in Madrid I am so ready for part 2 in Barcelona.


You may read that and think ??? u ain’t a climbing gal ??? but when I was younger I spent a lot of time in Scotland and my Uncle would take me up some of the hills (with a promise that we could get a can of pop and some crisps in the village pub on the way back down) and it was really fun. I’m ready for a modern day Bibi version which consists of a girls trip to Wales, some climbing, processo and maybe a spa afterwards.


I have done this but this has been on my bucket list since forever.


Gals got to start as a girl boss somewhere…


I am horrific with money so in my twenties is where I learn to save, and having a target to get to actually seems more serious.


Booked for August 2018, I am SO ready and don’t care if she lip syncs.


Not in the pub or at home, like in actual real life.


I want to go to Sketch soooooo bad.


I have never been to the Concrete Jungle! My only trip to America was Miami last September but that resulted in being stranded in Florida during Hurricane Irma so not the best of experiences.


Well this sums me up doesn’t it, ‘save up 2.5k’ also ‘buy an expensive bag’. I’ve already got the Celine and Gucci but the bag collection needs to expand, my future daughter will thank me for it.


Lol, I hate adult life


I don’t know what fear, but tbh I can’t see myself getting over spiders anytime soon.


Lots of fairy lights and processo included


I am a great cook, I just need a great space to be a host


Like, Octopus or something


The only camping festival I’ve done is T In The Park which was UNREAL. I need a round 2 but I’ve always been scared that it wont be as good at my TITP memories.


Like properly, not just Bonjour and the rest being English with a French accent.


Can you believe I have never done this! Well, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when I was like 5 doesn’t count because I can’t remember it.


I’m too scared for the real thing, so this will test me first.


Random but Italy has a really good train system, and it’s cheap. I’d love to visit Pisa, Florence, Venice, Naples, the Amalfi Coast… list goes on


I am never giving up on my dreams of having a Sausage Dog, never.


Lol this one is for my mum. Sitting at a desk 9-5 all day makes you so slouchy! and I really don’t want a slouchy back when I’m older either.


I’m not sure how I’ll deal with the cold but I am SO keen to go and see these in Iceland. Alongside having a dip in the Blue Lagoon.








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Hand on heart I never  thought I’d see the day that I’d be writing this post….. I’VE ONLY GONE AND FINISHED UNIVERSITY! My 3 years at The London College of Fashion have utterly flown by, it’s been an experience I’ll put it that way. P.s. if you’re someone who is looking to go to university then you can view my post about application tips here.

Above is me posing with my Final Major Project (FMP) creative outcome… a Virtual Reality makeup tutorial (yaay!). Many arts degrees will do an FMP instead of dissertation and HELL NO this is not an easier alternative. Mine consisted of a 3000-5000 word report (75%) and a creative outcome (25%), the report was basically research/findings/design rationale behind your outcome, plus some sketchbooks and contextual files. I tell you what during this project I ENVIED those who just have to submit a word document for their diss, ours had to be creatively displayed out on InDesign and then professionally printed. If you know, you know.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

You know what, I loved my creative outcome, a massive thank you to Yasmin for coming all the way to London to help me out with my video. I’m trying to get it up on YouTube as a 360 video but having some issues… so if anyone has any experience with that then PLZ let me know!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Honestly, it just feels so great to not have that constant weight on my shoulders. It’s really weird, I just felt guilty whenever I wasn’t doing work. Like, I couldn’t even watch the Kardashians without a voice inside my head telling me I should do work. I have no idea how well I’ll do tbh, and I’ve never been a grade A student so I’m really not expecting a first and you know what, thats okkkkkk! Give me third and I’m happy that I just managed to pass the bloody thing. Roll on graduation in July though, I’m spying some Sophia Webster’s for my grad shoes!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I don’t know how I feel about uni though, when people say it’s the best time of your life I look at them like…. really? When I look back now over the past 3 years I think stress, anxiety, more stress, pressure, never feeling good enough, more stress, more anxiety. And yeah thats deep but it’s true, I know there’s many others that will relate to that. I could never really see friends because I was always too busy either uni working or actual working.

The best thing that uni did to me was bring me to London, the rest is just meh. Oh and the people, I’ve met some right dickheads but amongst that met some utter GEMS. I’ve learnt a lot about culture, personalities and even religions!! Coming from Newcastle with zero diversity it’s been SO interesting to learn about others views on life (Leonie and Zaynab that ones for you x). If you don’t know me you’re probably reading that like what the f*ck is she on about. Yo Sushi 25% student discount has been an absolute blessing, fully rate that.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

AH, thinking about what uni taught me (everything but the actual course really) brings me to my next point, if you know me you 100% know what this is. BACK UP YOUR BLOODY WORK!!!! You know when your tutor nags you about buying a memory stick… THERE’S A REASON! I am that reason. Throwback to summer last year when I spilt a Starbucks strawbs & cream (not even soya) on my MacBook and lost all my work resulting in me having to do a whole terms work in 2 weeks. Yay. Anyway, so there’s living proof you need to back up your shit.

When you live with people, you’ll question everyones upbringing. “Who the fuck doesn’t know how to a mop a floor like I wonder what their house is like at home”. EVERYONE will experience a dirty flatmate, the one who gets half their dinner on the floor when trying to make dinner, or who never wipes down a surface after them, don’t even get me started on the dishes. If you’re reading this thinking ‘I’ve never had one of those flatmates?’ then, it’s probably you.



Another flatmate you don’t want to be is the stingy one who always used peoples stuff, as demonstrated by Paul below. P.s. still don’t know who ate the lurpack.


There’s always an innocent one who has been mothered their whole life and finally gets a sense of reality and goes WILD. They’re great.


There’s definitely a passive aggressive one of the flat, and this was 110% me. Expect angry notes on your door, absolute dramas in the group chat if you’re making noise past 11 when I have a deadline, and expect even bigger rictions if you leave your stinking dishes in the sink for days. Lol don’t even get me started on using my stuff and not washing it up.


There’s many more but I’ll end it here on the flatmate who can’t cook for shit. This is the first thing I tried to make when I moved out. You can just make your own judgement.


Looking back writing this, the people deffo gave me the best memories, and thank you to everyone for being part of it all. I’d like to dedicate this post to my dad, THE Papa Baggers for being my no1 and refusing to let me drop out whenever I thought I couldn’t do it. Plus majorly for moving me to and from halls and the shit that I managed to fill our iconic Citron Picasso with. 110% theres no chance I couldn’t of done final year without Jamie, who I think is so relieved that he wont need to deal with the mental breakdowns, stressy attitude and random crying. I think I may of given up on the diss if it wasn’t for you. Big up Rob G VIP and Yasmin for listening to my rants and problems throughout, my rocks, always.


Anyway, end of the soppy post.  I’ve got me life back so expect way more on here. I’m off to be a 9-5 Head Office gyal at Topshop and FINALLY HAVE WEEKENDS BACK!!! Expect me at Columbia Road flower market every Sunday x


SO I finally attempted to start up my YouTube channel, with a vlog from Berlin! The Paris one WILL be on its way soon I just can’t seem to get my head around editing just yet. I’m so nervous for it to go up, its far from perfect and very obviously a first attempt. I don’t understand how I’ve managed to set up my own site and learnt to HTML my way through it but I just can’t get my head around YouTube… its so much harder than I thought!

My camera actually died so this doesn’t show everything from my trip, but you get the jist of it all. I also don’t think my camera is very good with film, I have a Fuji X100 or something which is amazing for photos but for film I think I need something Sony or Canon based, suggestions below please!

So alongside the vlog I thought I’d share some photos from my trip, I thought I took so many more but I evidently didn’t.


You can subscribe to my channel here x


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and festive period with your loved ones, and of course, ate sooo much food!

Over the Christmas period I went back up to Newcastle for a bit and visited my friend Yasmin, together we filmed a VERY chatty Best Of 2016 vlog for her YouTube Channel. I’ve never done a YouTube video before but this was so much fun to film! We go through our faves of 2016 and use the products as we go, it’s full of tricks and techniques too. Make a cup of tea and watch the video here! If you like it, please subscribe to Yasmin’s channel, she’s just set it up and is equally as passionate about make up as I am.

Stay tuned for January, I have lots of exciting posts and content planned! 2017 is deffo going to be a good year for my blog, I’ve got good vibes for this year. Make sure you never miss a post by adding your email for updates, or follow me on my social media channels.


Can we just take a sec to admire Yasmin’s highlight…..



I get asked a lot by girls I went to school with about how to get into university to study a fashion related subject. We all get told its highly competitive… but is it really though? I’m going to run down my tips into getting into a top fashion university and how to make the best choice for your career.

Where did I start?

Firstly, I didn’t do A-Levels. I tried sixth form and lasted 2 weeks, I hated it. I knew I wasn’t academic (at this time I had no idea I was dyslexic) and that I wanted to work in the fashion industry, but from doing textiles GCSE I knew that I didn’t want to study design. My local college ran a fashion business and marketing BTEC course, which covered styling, buying, visual merchandising, promotion etc which literally sounded right up my street. My school did have a really good sixth form so I felt pressured to go there, plus all my friends were staying on there. But to do what I wanted to do I had to choose 3 creative/coursework based subjects so I went for Textiles, Art and Media. In the back of my head I knew that this still wouldn’t leave me with the skills I needed and at the back of my head I kept thinking about the college course. So 2 weeks in I was sat trying to draw a fish for my art coursework and I just thought ‘I’m not enjoying this.. why am I doing it?’. This is where I first realised that I should actually do what I enjoy, luckily my dad was really supportive and I think he knew the college course was the best choice for me.

So the course I did ran for 2 years and sort of felt like a mini foundation course for fashion business. We covered a variety of topics and then at the end specialised for our FMP (final major project). I decided to do a store design brief for Missguided as if they were going to open their first store, which funnily enough they are now doing.


Alongside studying, this is when I first started out at Topshop. I was just a part time Christmas temp in my local store. It wasn’t exactly challenging I just practised customer service and worked in a fast pace environment. At the time I never would of classed it as experience but looking back now it definitely helped. My godmother is a stylist and I got the opportunity to help her out now and then, it was amazing but I discovered that I didn’t fancy being a stylist. This is why experience is so important, because you get to learn what you like and dislike which makes it slightly easier in choosing a career path. I loved working in retail so I knew that it was something that I’d like to stick with.

How Did I Choose My Course?

Seriously just research it, go to open days and look on Unistats. Unistats is a gov website which publishes the National Student Survey (a big survey that you do at the end of your degree) results, you can compare courses and universities together to see what the students thought. At the end of the day just think about what you enjoy and what’s going to challenge you. I really would focus on the course and not the university, because ‘some’ really do just rely on their reputation.

University Application

I applied for 4 universities. I tried to go to as many open days as I could, I fully recommended this as you really get a feel for whats right for you. For example, Manchester sounded great but when I visited it I hated it and couldn’t imagine myself there.

When applying you really doubt yourself and have such a fear of rejection, don’t let it get the better of you. I applied for;

  • Northumbria – Fashion Communication
  • Nottingham Trent – Fashion Promotion
  • Manchester Met – Fashion Promotion
  • London College of Fashion (UAL) – Fashion Visual Merchandising & Branding

I knew that I wouldn’t go to Northumbria, I 100% wanted to move away from home. When I had my interview I fell in LOVE with the campus and the facilities really were great. It was a group interview and really relaxed. We just had to create a mood board about ourselves and talk through it. You’ve got to remember that they want you as much as you want them.

Manchester Met was my safe bet choice, I didn’t want to go but if I got rejected from everywhere else then I would go. It was actually the first uni to offer me a place, no interview required.

Nottingham Trent had great facilities, wasn’t far from London and the course sounded amazing. I was really torn between here or LCF because I couldn’t decide between a degree quite broad or one quite specific.

London College of Fashion was the scariest application process because I wanted to be accepted SO bad. If you’re wondering, I didn’t apply to Central Saint Martins as none of the courses were for me, always apply based on course not university. Plus at any UAL college you get to share all the facilities, so I do spend most of my time at CSM library any way. Anyway, for LCF I had to submit a 10 page visual portfolio on Flickr, which is essentially 10 examples of work. Then I got an interview at about February time at their campus on Oxford Street. I nearly shit my pants I was so excited/nervous, I knew the course only had 50 places and about 20% of them were for international students only.

Personal Statement

Not gonna lie, I’m probably the worst person to ask as I did mine in one draft and sent it. Just think that its your one chance to sell yourself so say everything you want to say. Remember that it’s unique to YOU, so don’t include any quotes from anyone else. Plus please, do not say ‘I have a passion for fashion’. RIP.

Interview Time

I had to bring along a portfolio of work which wasn’t much of a surprise. I just chose work that I could talk about, don’t pick anything that you’re not proud of showing because you won’t look confident. The interview was much more of an ‘informal chat’ with the course leader. She asked questions along the lines of;

  • Where I got my inspiration from? Include examples of primary sources and please don’t say ‘the internet’.
  • Why I wanted to study here ? do NOT say ‘well it’s LCF’. Talk about how its in the heart of London and you have everything on your doorstep.
  • Why this course? Make this personal to you and think about why you actually want to be on that course, think about your career and where you would see yourself in 5 years.

I heard back from LCF the next day, I was so excited it was like Christmas day. Looking back now I have no idea why I was so excited.

Do I NEED To Go To University?

It’s a tough one. For me personally I’m glad that I did because it brought me to London. I deffo didn’t want to stay in Newcastle all of my life as there’s just no opportunity available there and I wasn’t patient enough to stay in a business and wait for an opportunity to develop to become available. Working in retail alongside my degree has helped me A LOT and if you’re thinking of doing a subject similar to me then I would say it’s essential. I’m lucky that I work in a place that has pretty much supported me through my degree and I get given the opportunity to put what I’ve learnt at uni into practise at work. However, there is times that I’ve felt like my job has taught me more than my degree. But I enjoy both of them and at the time it felt like the right step to take applying to University. It’s completely your call, do your research into all the options available for you.

So that’s kind of my summary and advice, any questions then leave them below.



To try and help my acne, I decided to cut dairy out of my diet. Some say it works and some say it doesn’t *thinking emoji* so here’s what I found…

When I was younger, as in like baby times, I had excema and my mum stopped feeding me cows milk and gave me goats milk instead, and that got rid of the excema and it never came back. I only get excema when I’m really stressed and it flares up on my neck and eyes (ouch), but the only way I can get rid of this is antibiotics and creams from the doctors. 

I was scared to have soya milk incase I didn’t like it so I started by getting a soya latte from Starbucks instead of a normal latte containing cows milk, then I realised that I actually much prefer soya in my coffee! Such a good way to lead yourself into it. If you don’t like it, try getting a syrup like vanilla added in. I would definitely cut down slowly instead of just suddenly cutting dairy out as your body will struggle to adjust.

So, I only really had milk in my cereal and in my tea, and omg I love tea (northern AF). Soya doesn’t really taste great in tea but in Earl Grey tea it’s really nice! But it’s easier to just have green tea instead. I have Clipper tea as the tea bags aren’t bleached so it’s healthier for you, plus there’s so many flavours and varietys. For breakfast I switched to soya yogurt, granola and chia seeds, some days I’ll add some fruit in their depending on how hungry I am. Tesco do really nice own brand soya yogurt and the Alpro vanilla one is also a shout. 

The results…

So you’re not going to see magic results over night so be patient but I deffo noticed changes within a few days. My stomach was way less bloated, I didn’t even realise that it was bloated beforehand! Within a week to 10 days my skin was a lot less irritated and blotchy. I still get spots, but a lot lot less than what I did before hand. I would 100% say that cutting out dairy helped my skin and my acne. 

If you’re going to go ahead and cut out dairy, remember that it’s an extremely long term commitment. You can’t do it for 2 weeks and then pick it up again. And remember, that the next time you do eat dairy or lactose, your body will have trouble digesting it! The stomach pains aren’t worth it for a few scoops of Ben & Jerrys, have sorbet instead. 


Not gonna lie, 20 isn’t even old but I was dreading my birthday. I just wanted to stay in my teens forever! You can just get away with more stuff, and like 20 sounds really close to 30.

I love birthdays and I’ve always been one to long mine out for as long as I can. But this year I just wanted to spend time with my friends and family, those closest to me. Since I moved to uni everyone said that your uni friends are you friends for like. Now as much as I don’t even like labelling them as ‘uni friends’ cause really they’re all my bloody friends all the end of the day, I realised that there really is nothing better than home friends! I think because we’re all doing our own thing it’s so nice to come together and catch up on each others lives and see how well we’re all doing. #Slay.


I traveled back to Newcastle with my bestie Yasmin, we stank of fake tan in prep for Saturday night. We sipped on processco and nibbled on some strawberrys. The journey from London to Newcastle is a good 3 hours so traveling with someone really made a difference!

I wore a Missguided playsuit from their Peace & Love collection. I had a 35% off code from them so got this playsuit for £30 instead of £45. I’m always hesitant to order from Missguided as the quality is very questionable. I thought the Peace & Love collection was more premium, but deffo not. The playsuit was like a thin satin material and wasn’t even lined! Id much rather pay a bit extra and have something nicer from Topshop.

We went out in Newcastle to our faaaveeeee club, Tup Tup Palace. So much Beyonce is was banging.


I went to see Beyonce!!

I had such a good time, I’d never seen Beyonce before. I didn’t get there at a crazy time or anything. In fact I got there at 8pm when she was supposed to be coming on stage. I thought I’d be right at the back but I somehow ended up just to the side of the golden circle. Winning.

When I was there I had the time of me life and took so many drunk snapchats, even if it was raining.

Since seeing other UK shows I noticed that she did more songs at other venues compared to Sunderland. Partition had a whole dance routine and set to it and she didn’t perform it, I was devvo’d because that’s one of my favourite songs. Same for the 50 shades of grey version of crazy in love. Just seems a bit unfair when we’ve paid hella money to see her ! End of the day I still had a banging birthday. #BibisBirthdayBender

Glam post to follow x



If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would of noticed I’ve been a bit of a jet setter recently….  #notsoz. When I finish my third term of uni in June, I will then go straight into a work placement for a year so the Easter holidays were my chance to have a summer holiday. Perfectly valid excuse if you ask me.

My friends and I decided that we would go to the Canary Islands as they’re the closest to the equator and have a spring like climate all year round. The hotels were pretty average so we had a look on Air BnB and found this AMAZING yacht in Gran Canaria. All the reviews seemed pretty legit so we decided to go ahead and book. Best decision ever.

I’m not sure if I’d go back to Gran Canaria as I feel like I’ve seen what I needed to see. If the yacht was located in the South of France then I’d be in my element. Also, never ever fly with Ryan Air, legit worst experience of my life. Just pay extra and go Easy Jet. Trust.