4B709955-EFC1-4474-8110-53E44BB5C93E.JPG(Me staring into my coffee thinking about how badly I need a manicure)

It’s been I think since March that I actually posted content on here which makes me so annoyed! I’ve completely neglected my lil second project! I started my blog when I was in second year of uni just because I kept blagging everyones heads about the latest beauty products and loved trying bits out here and there. I actually originally never wanted to start a blog, I thought it was a bit cringe and I thought some people wrote in a really big headed/patronising way. I said if I was going to do one, it would have to have my name, tone of voice, everything written all over it. So I spent about 2 months staying up till 2am learning how to HTML and drafting up the site until I was 110% happy with it, and that’s how it came about. It was my space to tune out from uni work and vent into my own little world of basically talking to myself. I was really proud of myself for writing and posting content which actually managed to get views and comments because some of you may know, around the time of starting my blog I got diagnosed with Dyslexia. I used to really get my knickers in a twist when I had to do academic writing at uni because it was honestly like reading/writing in a foreign language. So when I started this, and people said they loved my writing and how real it felt, it really gave me a confidence boost because I’d found a way to write when I thought I couldn’t.

So 2nd year of uni passed and I entered 3rd year where work just really took over and naturally but unfortunately the posts reduced and my blog just got pushed to one side. I tried to draft up blog posts on the tube like usual but I’d spend so much time on my laptop doing work I actually craved time away from it. I still have a page in my Notes app on my phone of posts and ideas, the creative thoughts were still there I just didn’t have the energy to do them. Also around this time, ‘Influencing’ had started to become really big on Instagram/Social Media and I was exposed to loads of other girls my age who were also blogging, some doing it to make a living and some just doing it on the side like myself. I started to compare myself to these girls and really put myself down, I’d think “why have they gained 5k followers in a week? (now I know cause they fake AF and paid for them) Why are their photos shot on a professional camera and mine on my iPhone, my look so bad? They can write so much better than me the posts just flow. That’s such a good idea why didn’t I think of that?” I’d really beat myself up about it for absolutely no reason. I felt like my little side project of venting my excitement over beauty & fashion just wasn’t good enough.

One day I was scrolling through who has viewed my Instagram story that day and was clicking on profiles to see who the people were, when I stumbled on a girl who also had a blog. I clicked on her page and it took me about 0.3 seconds to realise that her blog was an exact copy of mine, even down to the words. So I was already feeling a bit meh about myself and this just topped it off. How can someone just hit copy and paste on something I spent so long creating and put so much effort into? I had tried to make this the most ‘me’ thing and this girl had just copied everything. I tried to get it shut down but as she didn’t host on WordPress I’d have to pay at least £200 and who has the money for that anyway? I messaged her to ask her to change it and she told me I should be flattered she copied it as it was a compliment… and then blocked me. She did change it sightly now however some content still remains the same as mine.

So yeah, I felt like my blog wasn’t good enough and someone had the cheek to rip it off so I just lost touch. I understandably just thought what’s the point? But a few months on and I love reading other peoples blogs so surely there’s some others out there who do too and will read mine? So I’m going to mix things up a bit, give it a bit of a refresh and carry on talking to myself on the web again x


(Don’t worry, I got that mani days later)


Following on from my acne post, I thought I’d give the full lowdown on what I’m currently using on my face.

Makeup Remover

I am so so so against makeup wipes, they just drag the dirt and bacteria across your face and never really clean your skin. I used to love Liz Earle hot cloth and it is fab but Clinique Take The Day Off Balm is an absolute game changer! A coconut oil like texture which you apply it straight to your dry face, a splash of water later and the makeup just melts away. It’s that simple.


I use a Clinique Foaming Wash along with the Sonic Face Brush and I don’t mean to alarm you but at the time of writing this post the brush is half price and I strongly suggest you take up that offer as I actually paid full price and would do it again because it’s just that amazing. Treat yourself. Honestly, like Kardashian Bible, that face brush is the best thing I think I have ever bought. I can’t go a night without it. It makes such a difference to your skin texture and really cleanses your face, like gets right down into the skin. Along with the pill, I also think this has been why my skin has cleared up so well.

In the morning I use the Tarte Deep Dive face wash. I bought this when I was in America, obvs cause Tarte is everywhere there, and I wish I bought like 5 cause it’s amazing for dry skin. It’s an oil texture so cleanses the skin but doesn’t dry it out at the same time.


At night I use a Clinique toner which ngl does feel quite harsh on the skin so maybe find an alternative if you have sensitive skin. But, it does really get rid of all that excess dirt you thought you got rid of when you washed your face. 

In the morning I use Liz Earle as it’s so gentle on the skin and just radiantly preps my skin pre moisturiser and make up. I don’t have a particular reason as to why I use this, it doesn’t do anything major I just haven’t had any issues with it and it seems to be lasting ages!


Okay so, my moisturiser collection is rather large but I like to switch it up just because sometimes your skin has different needs! I’d like to say I give every other part of my body this much attention. At night I usually use the Clinique Smart Night Cream, which is pricey but fantastic, I actually feel like it does the whole smooth, lift, nourish malarky. Which to be honest, for £50 it probably should. 

For daytime, aka under makeup, I use either Clinique Moisture Surge, Clinique Dramatically Different or Clinique Smart Day. Moisture Surge is amazing in the summer because it’s so incredibly moisturising but the gel like texture makes it so light weight on the skin. Perfect. Dramatically different is perfect because it leaves a tacky texture which I quite like, esp when I’m wearing makeup because it kinda feels like a primer. Smart day has SP5 in it so I’m kinda saving it for Spring/Summer so I can offer my skin some protection against the sun, which is obviously very important. 

Additional Extras

I always give my skin some extra TLC at least once a week, such as exfoliating or a face mask. It 100% makes the difference and also it’s so good to have some me time too!

Masks: Every week religiously I use the Dr Jart+ clay foaming mask. It’s super quick and easy to do, just leave it on for 3 mins and then wash off! It’s just great at detoxifying my face and giving it a good extra cleanse. I always follow with a sheet mask, the Dr Jart+ ones are also really good. I used the Bubbling charcoal one the other day and thought all that stuff was a bit of a gimmick but it actually worked wonders for my pores, I was so glowy afterwards. Sephora sheet masks are always amazing, the pomegranate one is my fave. Tony Moly Korean ones are fab too, I’m obsessed with this brand called MaskerAide from Selfridges, Garnier Moisture Bomb is also a strong contender! The majority of sheet masks are fab but they’re a few of my faves, I have an ongoing collection. 

Mini Facial: I’m calling this my mini facial ATM because it has the results of one. I am obsessed with The Body Shop Vitamin C liquid peel, oh my god it’s gross but so satisfying. Essentially it’s a liquid which you blend into your face and your dead skin comms off, as in like actually balls up on your face whilst your rubbing this liquid in. Gross right? But do that for like 1 minute and wash off with water and you are left with the best glow ever! Not to mention makeup then goes on like an absolute dream because your base is so smooth.

Extra Hydration: Whenever my skin needs some extra hydration I use Boots Botanics Facial Oil. I’ve used this stuff for years and it’s always on offer for a £5 so you can’t go wrong either. I like to pat this into my skin and let it absorb for 20-ish mins before locking all of that goodness in with a night cream on top.



I’ve been no stranger on my blog to openly talk about my skin struggles. I’d been wanting to do this post for a while but I’ve annoyingly let my blog go AWOL whilst I finished uni & kinda just like… grew up. I can see from stats that plenty lovely people still read my blog (thank you, love you!!) but I was just worried that nobody would read this post. Anyway, I did a poll on my Insta story and SO many people voted yes to an acne update post. So thanks gals (and guys), this ones for you x

Before I start this I just want to say, EVERYONE’S skin is different. There’s so much stuff out there which worked for tones of others but it didn’t work for me. I have honestly tried so many things and it’s taken about 2 years for my skin to go blemish free, overnight success doesn’t exist with acne, you must be patient. Another thing I learnt was that skincare is effort. Like just never neglect your routine, apart from those 3am nights where your too smashed to navigate a wipe across your face, those we can allow. But if you continually follow a cleanse, tone & moisturise routine, then the results will show.


So this is my skin sometime in 2016, I had just started using La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3 Step System on my skin. My skincare routine was something along the lines of Soap & Glory Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser/Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. La Roche face wash, La Roche toner and La Roche moisturiser. If you have minor breakouts I really would recommend the La Roche set, especially the moisturiser if you have oily skin. I loved it but my skin is more on the dry side so in the winter months I needed something way more hydrating. It’s a great affordable starter set for those wanting to get into a skincare routine. You can see that my acne is just all over my cheeks and mostly made up of little clusters of spots and some larger ones in the middle of my cheeks, soz for gracing you with this rank photo.

I remember a brand reposted my photo on Instagram but FaceTuned my face and I was so upset. Not because they’d got rid of my spots! But because they saw it as something gross that they needed to get rid of.

Portable Network Graphics image-E22F433984F0-1.png

Next up is my skin probably 9-12 months of using the La Roche set. It;s obvious it helped clear up all my smaller spots but I was left with these really big painful spots on my cheeks. These big spots were the worst because not only did they hurt but you couldn’t cover them with makeup because they were so textured. I remember a brand (not gonna name n shame) reposted my photo on Instagram but FaceTuned my face and I was so upset. Not because they’d got rid of my spots! But because they saw it as something gross that they needed to get rid of, my bad skin which I was struggling to control wasn’t allowed for their Instagram aesthetic. #Rude. 

So my issue was, I had okay skin everywhere on my face but my cheeks were made up of these big painful spots that wouldn’t budge. I’d started to research into skin mapping and apparently acne on your cheeks is down to hormones, fab, but it probably explained why no product organic or chemical would get rid. I knew that maybe I should try something medical but I really, really wasn’t wanting to use Roaccutane, to me my skin was bad, but I knew it wasn’t bad enough to go onto medication that strong. I thought if I’m getting such bad spots due to hormones why don’t I try the (contraceptive) pill? If my spots are due to hormones then why not treat it with hormones? I knew that there was a certain type of pill which apparently helps with acne but going to the doctors to ask for help about my skin really was last on my list. I have a mini phobia of doctors anyway but after a few weeks of motivating myself I made the appointment, eeeek.

Now is when I feel like it’s best to say that I’m not at all suggesting you go on the pill for acne treatment. There’s a lot of side effects that come with the pill and it’s not for everyone. Please do your research before making any medical decisions and I can’t emphasise enough that I had tried everything and this was my last resort. 

I asked my Nurse if I could go on Dianette and she was like no hun. She told me straight up that it would be too strong for my skin. Instead, she suggested I tried Gedarel for 3 months and see how I got on with it. If  it didn’t do much then she would prescribe me Dianette. I think I’ve been on Gedarel for a year now, and it took about 3-6 months to reduce my spots but approx 9-12 months in my spots have completely gone. I get the odd one now and then but it’s an absolute dream.

Portable Network Graphics image-692CB2FBE40C-1.png

I’ve helped maintain my clear skin by sticking to a very strict skincare routine, majority Clinque based, but you can give it a read here if you fancy it cause it would make this post longer than my dissertation.

I hope this post has somewhat helped those struggling wth blemishes and acne. It’s such a long process but one day they will go! x


I have to admit I’m rubbish with Halloween, I hate the site of blood to the point where all the fake gory looks freak me out. I could never dress up scary. I think when I was younger I was a witch every year, and then year before last I was a cat… original. You get my vibe though, I don’t do ‘proper’ Halloween. This year I went for a mermaid vibe, my actual outfit was half hearted I just really wanted my makeup to stand out. It was quite tedious to do, I practised 3 times during the week and spent about 2-3 hours getting ready. I really took my time because I didn’t want to rush and mess up.

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As I was putting so much eyeshadow/glitter glue/glitter on my face it was key that I prepped my skin, whenever I’m going out I use this mask from Selfridges. Honestly it’s amazing. For me it tightens my pores, soothes and brightens my skin, and for some reason when I have a photo taken with flash my skin looks SO flawless like it’s been FaceTuned. I left this on for about 30 minutes whilst I did my hair, then let the residue soak into my skin for 10 minutes before washing my face with water and patting it dry.


I did 2 braids at the top of my head and secured them with mini clear hair ties. I used a selection of glitter in the middle and either side of the braids. For this is recommend thick glitter like Gypsy Shrine otherwise thin glitter looks a bit like dandruff. Just spray some hair spray onto the area, add the glitter then spray some more to secure it. To curl my hair I used a bubble barrel ended curling tong, mine is a Mark Hill one from Boots from about 5 years ago but the updated Pick n Mix one is here. This type of barrel is perfect because no 2 curls are the same, I took small sections of my hair about 5cm-10cm wide and wrapped them round the barrel for 10 seconds and made my way around my head. Once done I sprayed my hair with hair spray and let the style sit for about an hour before running my fingers through my hair to create loose waves.

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I started with my eyes first, I always do eye makeup first because if you get any fall out from shadow you can just wipe it away, plus as I was using such bright colours it would of been a hot mess if I did foundation first.  I started by priming my eyes with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, this stuff keeps everything in place I can’t live without it. For eyshadow I used a mix of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette and the NYX Multi Finish Eye Palette in Electric. I started by using a nude transition shade under the brow/on the crease and then started lightly and built up with the pink from the NYX palette. Then with a slightly smaller brush than before, I used the purple from Jaclyn’s palette and did the same but slightly below where I had placed the pink. Continuing with the purple using a smaller brush I applied more shadow in the inner corner and outer corner to create the halo eye effect. In the centre of the lid I placed some eyeshadow primer to act as a base and applied the turquoise shade from Jaclyns palette on top. Then do make that pop some more I used this NYX glitter on top. To keep glitter on the eye I use eyelash glue, any brand will do! I applied Pinky Goat lashes right at the end of the whole look. Under the eye I took the pink and smoked it under the eye and then used the purple on top. For inner corner and brow bone highlight I used this beaut holographic eyeshadow from Topshop which looks white but catches a purple/blue undertone in the light.

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I primed using Too Faced Hangover Primer and as always used my NYX Dark Circle concealer in shade Medium to colour correct my under eye dark circles. For foundation I used the L’Oreal Pro Glow foundation which I bought in America but you can’t get it in the UK??!!! I am so mad about this because it’s THE perfect foundation, so if anyone is going to America anytime soon can you bring me back about 5 of these?? Thanks. Concealer as always is my trusty Maybelline Fit Me and I ever so slightly did some contour to bronze up my face a bit using the Tartiest Pro Glow palette. As I was going to apply so many bright colours to my face I didn’t want bronzer/contour to make the shades ashy. I set my face and under eyes with the Laura Mercier setting powder and then with the NYX Matte setting spray.


The big question is…. how on earth did I get the scales?! It’s so mad, I simply just put a pair of fishnet tights over my head and packed the eyeshadow on top, as you do. I used micro fishnets as they’re the perfect size to create the scale effect, anything larger would of been way too big. Using the same shades that I used for my eyes, I used sponge wedges to pat the eyeshadow onto my face starting with the purple. I wanted a purple & turquoise on the cheeks which blended into pink and purple on the temples/forehead. Dabbing some Barry M Glitter Gel on to the areas where I wanted glitter applied, I sprinkled a mix of Barry M glitter and NYX glitter over those areas. Trust this is messy, you’re gonna need a dustpan and brush.

Then to finish off I used my fave Maybelline Brow Drama eyebrow gel to shape my brows and on the lips MAC Lip Liner in Edge to Edge and lipstick in Saint Germain.

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Tonight Josephine is the newest addition to bars in Waterloo, London. Except, it can quite literally only be described as an Instagram feed IRL (in real life, duh). Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of choosing a location purely on the Instagramable aesthetic it offers. If it’s got marble tables it’s quite clearly a flat lay winner and you’ve spent a good 2 minutes photographing your food, or you’ve 100% taken your phone to the toilet incase the lighting and decor is perf for an outfit mirror selfie. Let’s get real, we’re all out here doing it for them gram.

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Tonight Josephine popped up early last month in Waterloo. I actually walked past one day and the baby pink (now millennial pink) Kate Moss quote tactically placed outside on the pavement caught my eye, Instagram opportunity number 1. When you peep in, there’s a giant neon peace out sign, also pink. Meet Instagram opportunity number 2, this makes a great Boomerang.

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Downstairs is just pure wonderland, it’s that sassy female empowering Pinterest board come to life. Neon pink lighting strips connect the holographic tinsel walls and the completely mirrored ceiling, Instagram op number 3. It doesn’t just stop on the dance floor, the toilets are completely pink too. Complete with the iconic mugshots of our fave A list Hollywood celebs + Bieber. Girls you can take your pick of Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. Men I’m afraid it’s just Bieber for you.

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetNow to the actual drinks, 99% of the cocktail menu is under £12. The menu describes perfectly what eat drink tastes like, I went for the Violet Femme which is legit like drinking a Parma Violet. Happy Hour runs everyday (yes) from 5pm – 7pm. Plus sign up to the mailing list on the website for £10 off, thank me later x

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetDownside is it’s rather small, so gets busy super quick. If you’re going in a group then I reccomend booking a table for sure!



When I saw this on Twitter I thought it was fake, by far too good to be true! But then that Ibiza PR trip full of top influencers flooded my Insta feed and I realised it was true.

So the product is £14.99 and available NOW in Boots and Superdrug. When I went to Superdrug it was nowhere to be seen, however in Boots all the graphics were there but nothing on the shelves, I made the poor Sales Assistant search high and low to find me a bottle. 15 minutes later he appeared from the stockroom with one… #legend big up Boots Westfield Stratford.

So how does it actually work!? You start with applying it onto dry skin, so pump a generous amount of the foam into your hands then rub into your body. You do need a fair bit for your whole body so I don’t actually know how long the bottle will last me. You have to wait a minimum of 5 minutes, I think I did mine 5-6 I wasn’t really counting I got quite bored stood in my bathroom cold and naked smothered in this foam. I played music to try and time it to a song. After a while you can smell the tan coming off like you get an old tan smell, you’ll see what I mean if you use it.

The bottle says to shower off and rub off with a warm face towel, you may need an exfoliating mit for tougher areas. One of the key things that stood out to me was that it said to use on 3 day old tan. Now, not gonna lie, my tan was like a good week old 🙈. You can see on the photos that it looks like tiger bread, so I didn’t think this would work on my gross tan. I should also note that I was wearing Loving Tan and not Bondi! So you can actually use it with other brands. Because I knew my tan was stale, if that’s what we want to call it, I used an exfoliating mit not a face towel and it literally just glided off my skin! On my ankles I had to scrub a little harder but compared to my normal routine it’s such a game changer. This would usually leave me painfully scrubbing in the shower for 20-30 minutes! I am honestly baffled it is amazing! I’ll let the before and after photo speak for itself.

I did the process twice because the tan wasn’t fully off my skin on tough patches like ankles and knees, ughhhh. The before and after photo is after one use! The second time everything came off, kinda weird because I haven’t seen my actual skin tone in a while! I think if I used it on 3 day old tan it would come off in one go. I think it just melts away your tan making it easy for you to take off your skin.

So verdict on this? INCREDIBLE. I honestly wish this was available when I was like 14, because it would of totally had my back. Not 100% about the price though, £14.99 I feel is a bit steep but it falls within the same price range as their products so makes sense and you know this shit is always on offer! The whole Bondi range is 3 for 2 in Boots at the minute also, go cray. If you’re a constant tan wearer… you NEED this in your routine TRUUUUST.


SO I finally attempted to start up my YouTube channel, with a vlog from Berlin! The Paris one WILL be on its way soon I just can’t seem to get my head around editing just yet. I’m so nervous for it to go up, its far from perfect and very obviously a first attempt. I don’t understand how I’ve managed to set up my own site and learnt to HTML my way through it but I just can’t get my head around YouTube… its so much harder than I thought!

My camera actually died so this doesn’t show everything from my trip, but you get the jist of it all. I also don’t think my camera is very good with film, I have a Fuji X100 or something which is amazing for photos but for film I think I need something Sony or Canon based, suggestions below please!

So alongside the vlog I thought I’d share some photos from my trip, I thought I took so many more but I evidently didn’t.


You can subscribe to my channel here x


….That is such a long title

SO I am obsessed with sheet face masks at the moment and nearly had a heart attack when I saw that Charlotte Tilbury was releasing one this year, because like everything she does, it’s going to be amazing. I was presuming an ordinary wet sheet mask, but no, she went hella extra and decided to create a whole new concept… a DRY sheet mask!

Priced at £18 for one, it is pricy. But then it’s also reusable?! As the mask is totally dry, it doesn’t hold any bacteria. Charlotte claims you can use it up to 3 times so really its £6 per mask if you break it down.

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What I really loved about this mask was the way the mask fits, it loops over your ears so it actually fits and stays on your face. To use, you just gently massage the mask into your skin to activate the product, then sit back for 15 minutes! I didn’t take any photos of myself in the mask because it looks terrifying, it reminds me of something in Doctor Who.

So the mask claims to hydrate, lift, reduce wrinkles, smooth & brighten. Afterwards my face definitely felt hydrated and had a gorgeous glow to it. I wouldn’t say that it lifted or reduced any wrinkles (not that I have many, yet!) but I’m presuming thats something that would come with continued use. However the next morning (I used it before bed) my skin didn’t look any different, if anything it was worse! My skin had a weird texture to it and my makeup just wouldn’t apply nicely on my skin.

Overall, I think as this is a dry mask its fascinating how it works and it’s a great piece of cosmetic science. But, because it’s dry I think I was amazed that it actually worked whereas realistically it has the same outcome as any other wet sheet mask. What its perfect for is when your skin is looking dull and needs a quick pick me up before you apply makeup, e.g. every Monday morning!

I’ve added in 2 YouTuber reviews on the sheet mask as these guys had a whole PR pack on the mask so can go into all the little bits of detail x





The Boxing Day sales felt like they were SO long ago! I never shop on actual Boxing Day and I don’t agree with it either (most likely because I’m knee deep at work picking shit up off the floor wishing I was at home actually enjoying Christmas #RetailProbs). I wait 2/4 weeks after the launch day as this is when further reductions happen and more lines go into sale and you get the good shit. I managed to get my hands on some really good bits this year from Topshop so thought I’d share.

My number 1 purchase may have to be my navy feather jacket. I lusted over this when I first saw it but out of stock it went. I found a lost one in the sale with a £50 price reduction and just HAD to purchase. I got a size 10 (I usually wear an 8 in jackets) as I wanted it slightly oversized and able to fit a hoodie underneath.

In terms of price reduction, the embroidered tote bag HAS to be number 1. I always wanted this but originally priced at £65 it was a no from me hun. I managed to pick it up for £15! Yes, it is the same style as my chain cross body, but this one I can use for my shopping and uni books… like if I was to use uni books that is.

Another bag purchase, I love the Gucci inspired embroidery on this little cross body. It’s just the perfect size for little everyday trips. For £10 I really couldn’t go wrong with this purchase.
Finally, the shoes! Yet again I wanted these so bad when I first saw them but of course, out of stock they went so I bought the grey suede version instead. I do love a print on a shoe as it adds so much more vibrancy to and outfit and brings it all together.

Photographer: @BoothDanielle // www.daniellebooth.co.uk


Since my previous post about skin care was in May 2016, I thought an updated post was needed. Just so it wasn’t a lengthy one, I’m going to post the day and night routines separately, starting with my night routine, as it’s slightly more longer as it isn’t the same each night because I alternate between days.

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I remove my makeup with the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. I just find the ingredients in this really calming and gentle on my face. I start with my eye make up first, then face and then face again just to make sure all the dirt is off my face. Don’t forget to do your neck too!

Continuing the cleansing process, I’ll wash my face but depending on the day I’ll use either The Body Shop Tea Tree foaming cleanser, St Ives apricot face scrub or La Roche Posay Effaclar cleansing gel. If you have oily skin a gel based cleanser its best suited for your skin, and if you have dry skin then a foam cleanser is more suitable for your skin. So if my skin feels a bit textured and my make up has been clinging to dry patches then I’ll exfoliate, I only really do this once a week, at a push twice. Just as if you over exfoliate then your skin will end up producing more oil which is just not ideal. If my skin just needs a refresh then I’ll use The Body Shop Tea Tree foam cleanser. Finally, if my skin is looking really blemish like/my pores look huge then I’ll use la Roche Posay Effaclar gel cleanser as it does have a noticeable effect.

Up next is toner, before bed I always use the La Roche Posay Effaclar toner. I feel it helps my pores close and tighten over night. I only use this at night as it’s more chemical based and possibly harsher so I don’t want to use it in the morning on my face where I apply make up after incase that irritates my skin. Using it at night gives it time to work overnight on my skin.

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Following this I’ll use a serum also depending on how my skin is looking. If it’s dry, then I’ll use Hylamide Hydrating Boost serum, if it’s looking red and blemish like then I’ll use Hylamide Sensitive Fix serum, then finally if it’s normal/blemished (it’s never bloody not blemished) then I’ll use The Body Shop Tea Tree Daily Solution. The Tea Tree solution is really good for blemishes and problem skin, just the Hylamide helps support with red ness and irritation on my face.

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Finally moisturiser, every other night I alternate moisturiser. I only started doing this in the winter as it got colder my skin got dryer and basically just shit. On night 1 I use La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo cream. This is great for acne, and you can really notice the difference after one use, but I don’t feel like it REALLY moisturises my skin as it has a matte finish. If you’re oily this is will be absolutely perfect. On night 2 I use the Embryolisse cream from France, which Boots now sell!. This just adds a bit of radiance and really helps improve the elasticity of my face. So one night I’ll do one and another night I’ll do the other! I get all of my La Roche Posay Effaclar products in the 3 Step Anti Blemish System. If you suffer from blemishes then I honestly really do recommend this.

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I do a face mask probably twice a week. I have a huge collection of sheet masks I I’ll dedicate a whole post to them. I’m a big fan of sheet masks at the moment, however I’m looking for a cream mask that’ll really get deep into my skin. I’ve used GlamGlow before but I accidentally left the lid off and it dried out (fuming), but it really was amazing I will most likely repurchase. Anyway, I aim to go for a sheet mask for tired skin that radiates and hydrates, something along those lines anyway. I’ll pop this on my face for about 45minutes or until I feel the sheet going dry, then I’ll massage the remaining serum into my face.

And that is it! Sorry it was a long one. Any recommendations for a cream face mask let me know.