When I saw this on Twitter I thought it was fake, by far too good to be true! But then that Ibiza PR trip full of top influencers flooded my Insta feed and I realised it was true.

So the product is £14.99 and available NOW in Boots and Superdrug. When I went to Superdrug it was nowhere to be seen, however in Boots all the graphics were there but nothing on the shelves, I made the poor Sales Assistant search high and low to find me a bottle. 15 minutes later he appeared from the stockroom with one… #legend big up Boots Westfield Stratford.

So how does it actually work!? You start with applying it onto dry skin, so pump a generous amount of the foam into your hands then rub into your body. You do need a fair bit for your whole body so I don’t actually know how long the bottle will last me. You have to wait a minimum of 5 minutes, I think I did mine 5-6 I wasn’t really counting I got quite bored stood in my bathroom cold and naked smothered in this foam. I played music to try and time it to a song. After a while you can smell the tan coming off like you get an old tan smell, you’ll see what I mean if you use it.

The bottle says to shower off and rub off with a warm face towel, you may need an exfoliating mit for tougher areas. One of the key things that stood out to me was that it said to use on 3 day old tan. Now, not gonna lie, my tan was like a good week old 🙈. You can see on the photos that it looks like tiger bread, so I didn’t think this would work on my gross tan. I should also note that I was wearing Loving Tan and not Bondi! So you can actually use it with other brands. Because I knew my tan was stale, if that’s what we want to call it, I used an exfoliating mit not a face towel and it literally just glided off my skin! On my ankles I had to scrub a little harder but compared to my normal routine it’s such a game changer. This would usually leave me painfully scrubbing in the shower for 20-30 minutes! I am honestly baffled it is amazing! I’ll let the before and after photo speak for itself.

I did the process twice because the tan wasn’t fully off my skin on tough patches like ankles and knees, ughhhh. The before and after photo is after one use! The second time everything came off, kinda weird because I haven’t seen my actual skin tone in a while! I think if I used it on 3 day old tan it would come off in one go. I think it just melts away your tan making it easy for you to take off your skin.

So verdict on this? INCREDIBLE. I honestly wish this was available when I was like 14, because it would of totally had my back. Not 100% about the price though, £14.99 I feel is a bit steep but it falls within the same price range as their products so makes sense and you know this shit is always on offer! The whole Bondi range is 3 for 2 in Boots at the minute also, go cray. If you’re a constant tan wearer… you NEED this in your routine TRUUUUST.


Since my previous post about skin care was in May 2016, I thought an updated post was needed. Just so it wasn’t a lengthy one, I’m going to post the day and night routines separately, starting with my night routine, as it’s slightly more longer as it isn’t the same each night because I alternate between days.

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I remove my makeup with the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. I just find the ingredients in this really calming and gentle on my face. I start with my eye make up first, then face and then face again just to make sure all the dirt is off my face. Don’t forget to do your neck too!

Continuing the cleansing process, I’ll wash my face but depending on the day I’ll use either The Body Shop Tea Tree foaming cleanser, St Ives apricot face scrub or La Roche Posay Effaclar cleansing gel. If you have oily skin a gel based cleanser its best suited for your skin, and if you have dry skin then a foam cleanser is more suitable for your skin. So if my skin feels a bit textured and my make up has been clinging to dry patches then I’ll exfoliate, I only really do this once a week, at a push twice. Just as if you over exfoliate then your skin will end up producing more oil which is just not ideal. If my skin just needs a refresh then I’ll use The Body Shop Tea Tree foam cleanser. Finally, if my skin is looking really blemish like/my pores look huge then I’ll use la Roche Posay Effaclar gel cleanser as it does have a noticeable effect.

Up next is toner, before bed I always use the La Roche Posay Effaclar toner. I feel it helps my pores close and tighten over night. I only use this at night as it’s more chemical based and possibly harsher so I don’t want to use it in the morning on my face where I apply make up after incase that irritates my skin. Using it at night gives it time to work overnight on my skin.

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Following this I’ll use a serum also depending on how my skin is looking. If it’s dry, then I’ll use Hylamide Hydrating Boost serum, if it’s looking red and blemish like then I’ll use Hylamide Sensitive Fix serum, then finally if it’s normal/blemished (it’s never bloody not blemished) then I’ll use The Body Shop Tea Tree Daily Solution. The Tea Tree solution is really good for blemishes and problem skin, just the Hylamide helps support with red ness and irritation on my face.

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Finally moisturiser, every other night I alternate moisturiser. I only started doing this in the winter as it got colder my skin got dryer and basically just shit. On night 1 I use La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo cream. This is great for acne, and you can really notice the difference after one use, but I don’t feel like it REALLY moisturises my skin as it has a matte finish. If you’re oily this is will be absolutely perfect. On night 2 I use the Embryolisse cream from France, which Boots now sell!. This just adds a bit of radiance and really helps improve the elasticity of my face. So one night I’ll do one and another night I’ll do the other! I get all of my La Roche Posay Effaclar products in the 3 Step Anti Blemish System. If you suffer from blemishes then I honestly really do recommend this.

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I do a face mask probably twice a week. I have a huge collection of sheet masks I I’ll dedicate a whole post to them. I’m a big fan of sheet masks at the moment, however I’m looking for a cream mask that’ll really get deep into my skin. I’ve used GlamGlow before but I accidentally left the lid off and it dried out (fuming), but it really was amazing I will most likely repurchase. Anyway, I aim to go for a sheet mask for tired skin that radiates and hydrates, something along those lines anyway. I’ll pop this on my face for about 45minutes or until I feel the sheet going dry, then I’ll massage the remaining serum into my face.

And that is it! Sorry it was a long one. Any recommendations for a cream face mask let me know.


I did a big Beauty Bay order when I got paid and it was the best order I’ve ever place. I also bought some bits from Beauty Mart and believe it or not, Amazon too.

Let’s start with the Makeup Geek shadows as I just don’t understand why it took me so long to try Makeup Geek?! These shadows are just tooooo good I can’t get over how good they are. I bought Beaches & Cream, Peach Smoothie, Coco Bear, Frappe, Peach Melba, Cherry Cola and 2 foiled ones which I can’t remember but you can see on the photo. I bought a Morphe palette to pop them in just cause I preferred this to the Z Palettes. The shadows are just so pigmented its crazy, if these were £15 a piece I would still fully justify buying them. The foiled ones are incredible. I usually spray Mac Fix+ onto my brush first but for these you don’t even need to do that. I’m 100% buying more next payday.

Bought from Beauty Bay here

Okay so I bought another morphe palette, I probably didn’t need it but I did. I really think everyone should own at least one morphe palette as there such amazing value. I went for the 35K as I needed a really smokey palette and this was a perf alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. Once again the pigment just exceeds itself and the foiled shadows are in a league of their own. The empty palette is also perfect for pan eyeshadows, my Makeup Geek shadows fit in perfectly.

Bought from Beauty Bay here and the empty palette here.

Milani blush was next on my list as I saw these in a Jaclyn Hill video waaaay back. I couldn’t decide what shade to do so I went for romantic rose as it was vegan even though I’m not vegan lol. I was just curious to see how vegan make up was as I’ve never used it knowingly! Such a gorgeous everyday blush which goes on well, I think I’m going to buy more of these as you get so much product for your money.

Bought from Beauty Bay here. 

I added a Gerad Cosmetics lippy to my basket and I’m unsure why, I think I was just going CRAY cause it’s cheap and I thought I was Jaclyn Hill. It’s nice but nothing major.

Bought from Beauty Bay here.

I HAD to try the EX1 foundation as people are going so mad for it I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I bought it in shades 100 and 300 as I tan a lot so needed to vary and mix up my shade when needed. However I wish I got 200 and 100 as 300 is actually really dark, well darker than I expected. EX1 is based around olive skin tones and the Arab women love it. But it just really reminds me of MAC Studio Fix Fluid, but for half the price. It has good days and bad days, if you know then you know. The texture is pretty similar too. I’ll still reach for it on my days off work but I do think the Too Faced Born This Way has my heart.

Bought from BeautyMart here.

I’m starting to get into the Korean skincare hype. BeautyMart were selling the TONY MOLY face masks and I was just intrigued by the randomness of the ingredients, like red wine face mask???? But for £6 a shot I was like nah. I found them on amazon, yes Amazon, for £11 for 11 masks (basically the whole set). So I popped them in my basket. I haven’t tried all of them yet but I don’t think I like them more than the Sephora ones. The pore control broke me out into really bad acne again, which some things do then it clears up but a week later and the spots aren’t shifting. However he radiance ones are nice. Cute for a pamper night.

Bought from Amazon here.


This is a v much delayed post but I’m so picky and protective over my eyebrows that I had to post about this.

So I got some samples of the Benefit Brow pencil and Clear Brow gel in a magazine and I thought I’d try because I was getting a decent product for free. Usually for brows all I do is use the Topshop brow gel and that’s me set, I’ve never been fussed about the whole Anastatsia brow hype either.

I swatched the pencil on my hand and I was fascinated by the colour as it actually looked like a brow colour, not like a brown eyeliner. I used it lightly on my brows just to fill in the gaps to define my brow. It was so easy and I didn’t realise how much it made a difference to my brows!

The gel is clear, for some reason I thought it would have a tint to it. However it does have some sort of weird smell I’m unsure how I feel about it. The wand could be a bit more defined so it can comb through the hairs cause ATM it feels slightly like you’re sliding clear gunk into your brow. But it does keep yours brows in place all day.

I’m debating whether to repurchase or not when I run out, but I think I will as I am reaching for these two products everyday. If you’re ever in Benefit I’d try these out!


I didn’t do a favourites for June just because there wasn’t really anything I was truly like WOW about. So thought I’d do a combined one instead!


Okay, I don’t actually mean the whole palette, there’s just this one shade which is absolute holy grail! The bottom right cooper shade is just absolutely to die for. All the other shades are good but this one is in a league of its own. This month I’ve loved copper shades because they really bring out the blue in my eyes. I just use my favourite base colour MAC – Malt, and a few of my usual shades from theBalm Voyage pallete and then pat this copper shade onto my kid with my finger. It’s so beaut.

Bought from Boots here.


I bought this in the shade Reign and I mean despite the fact it arrived less than half empty (see Instagram) it’s actually the coolest colour. Whenever I wear this I get so many compliments. Obviously it doesn’t last as long as her liquid mattes do, but it really does stay on well. The only negative, also besides it arriving empty, is that the applicator is awful and makes it harder for you to apply smoothly on your lip. But the colour is banging. I know that NYX have really good metallic dupes so I’m going to give those a try instead of purchasing more of the Kylie metals as they’re so god damn expensive.

Bought from Kylie Cosmetics here.


I used to use this when I was a die hard MAC gurl and then when off it when I started using other brands. But I was sorting out my make up and forgot I had it so started using it again and forgot how amazing it was as an everyday powder. During this absolute mega heatwave it really has helped keep my make up on and covered up my blemishes. I use this in shade Medium.

Bought from MAC here.


Another one I forgot about! Jaclyn Hill used to rave about these when she started doing YouTube and I bought them but wasn’t really a gloss kinda gal at the time. Since trying the Kylie Cosmetics ones and just not really feeling it I decided to give these a go and really forgot how good they were! I can use them without any colour underneath cause the pigment is great, and they really have a nice shine to them. However, they are sticky so watch your hair.

Bought from Beauty Bay here.


After trying purchasing the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit I thought I’d try these NYX matte lip creams to compare as they’re only £5.

I ordered 2 shades, Athens and Stockholm. Athens from ASOS and Stockholm from Feel Unique. Being honest though, I don’t think I’m going to bother buying make up from ASOS again. A friend of mine purchased a NYX Mascara and it arrived all dried up as if it had been opened. It wasn’t until my lip cream from Feel Unique arrived did I realise how dried up my ASOS lip cream was. I don’t know if it’s cause it’s old stock they want rid of or what? Weird.

In the pictures the shades looked slightly different but when they arrived I realised how similar they were! Athens has more of a peachy under tone to it than Stockholm. They can be blended with so many different nude lip liners and brands to create a block colour or ombré effect on the lip.

On the lips they feel creamy and slightly moisturising. I always apply my NYX Lip Primer underneath to create a base and keep the product on longer. The pigment isn’t as good as the Kylie Lip Kit, if you apply a second layer you get slight streaks on your lips. But what I love about these is that they’re the perfect affordable everyday lippy. They do have a soft creamy texture which feels lightweight on the lips and doesn’t dry your lips out at all.


Since writing this I’ve purchased more, London and Abu Dhabi (both nudes) and Copenhagen (deep burgundy colour). London is my absolute favourite and I think it might be my perfect go to nude! Copenhagen is nice but it really doesn’t suit my skin tone, it would look beaut on a darker skin tone.

These are cheap and cheerful and an absolute bargain! Perfect to keep in your handbag of desk at work for a pop of colour on your lips.


Paying £16 for a sponge has never appealed to me, so I’ve never bothered to splurge on a Beauty Blender. However, I have wanted to know the difference between the Beauty Blender and other brands. This post started off as a Real Techniques VS Beauty Blender post, but then I got sent a Spectrum Sponge in my Birchbox and it just needed to feature on this.

For those who don’t know, to use these sponges you dampen them. So put them under luke-warm/cold water and keep squeezing until they expand. Then squeeze all the water out and wrap them in a towel to get rid of excess water. You want your sponge to be damp not wet.

Ima start with the Real Techniques sponge, I’ve used this for about 2 years now and it’s fine it does the job whatever. I don’t use this to blend foundation, only to set/blend my under eye concealer. I haven’t used it to blend anything as I don’t do cream contour cause I’m just awful at it. The flat edge is really good for setting under eyes and the pointed edge allows you to get up in the corners.

My friend swears by the beauty blender and she said the Real Techniques one wasn’t as good so I was keen to try. But I just can not get my head round paying £16 for some sponge! When it’s expanded in water it seems slightly bigger than the RT one, it’s also a little less dense. I didn’t like this for setting my under eyes as I felt like it took a lot of the product away, but it was definitely better for blending out. If you do cream contour then I would recommend this at it really blends evenly. I might try doing cream contour with this and see if I’m any better at it. I bought the red beauty blender and I noticed that when I washed it, the colour was running, grim.

THEN my May Birchbox arrived and inside was a Spectrum Blender. Now I don’t really know much about Spectrum as a brand but I recognise the name from YouTube. The first thing I noticed about this blender was that it’s much more dense and larger than both other blenders. I LOVE this, it’s amazing at setting my under eyes as it doesn’t take the product away and it stops my concealer from creasing. It’s also really good at blending, it’s like the Beauty Blender and Real Techniques sponge mixed into one. I will Deffo be re purchasing this. It also comes in a cute lil packet which is perf for traveling.

However, anyone mastered a way of cleaning these sponges?


Being from the North, fake tan is very much in my blood. I’ve rounded up my most rated fake tans for every type of tanner…

Always shave and exfoliate the day before you plan on tanning. I use Lush Ocean Salt to exfoliate my skin and Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff scrub on tough areas such as knees and elbows etc. Tough Stuff leaves your skin feeling silky and not like you’ve just erased off a layer, fully rate it. If you have sensitive skin, avoid a salt based scrub and use a sugar based one. Follow up by moisturising the skin, I use Palmers Cocoa Butter as that’s just my preferred moisturiser. Make sure your skin is free of moisturisers when you go to start tanning as this will encourage streaks, hence why this should be done the night before.

I use latex gloves to apply my fake tan, none of my friends seem to agree with this but I think it’s great. Personally I find that a tanning mit absorbs too much product and leaks through my hands. However Marissa Carter founder of Cocoa Brown has brought out a double sided mit, our prayers have been answered.

Best Instant Tan: Rimmel Sun Shimmer

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.45.21



I’ve used this for years, it’s so perfect for last minute needs for tanning. Rimmel listened to peoples wants and needs and improved the formula to make it water resistant, so you’re safe if you knock a drink on yourself on a night out or get caught in the rain! It comes in matte or a shimmer, in shades light – medium – dark. Available at Boots.



Best Gradual Tan: St Tropez In Shower Lotion

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.51.48.png

This is a fairly new tan which launched last summer, with such a unique concept I couldn’t not give it a try. Concept being you shower and wash your hair etc and then (with the shower off) apply this all over the body and wait for 3 minutes before showering it off. Standing in your shower naked in a lotion is a bit weird at first, I recommend using this time to do a hair mask, brush your teeth or do squats (legit yes I did this). This tan has a built in moisturiser so no need to moisturise after your shower. After your first application you wont notice much of a difference but if you use this every day, after about 3-4 days you’ll see you’re developing a gorgeous natural looking tan. It’s great for fair skin tones who don’t usually wear much fake tan. Also perfect for beginners as it is absolutely streak free. Available at Boots.


Best Natural Looking Tan: Bondi Sands Foam

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 23.00.57.png


Recommended to me by my Australian bestie, this tan is quite new to the UK. It smells absolutely divine, I felt like a walking pina colada. I applied 2 coats in the shade Dark before I went to bed as I wanted a deep tan. I woke up still smelling of pina coladas but with a very dark tan, I showered off the excess and it really evened out the tan looking like I’d been on holiday overnight. I used this when I got back from holiday and received so many comments on how great my tan was… little did they know it was fake AF. The downside of this tan is that it takes ages to dry and feels sticky if you go to bed with it not fully dried. Weirdly it also stains your bedsheets pink? no idea where the pink comes from. However it does come off easy in the wash! Available at Boots.



Best Overall Tan: Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 23.10.00.png


No matter how many new tans I try, I always end up going back to this one. It’s easy to apply, not streaky, no biscuit smell, doesn’t stain bedsheets and dries super quick. It lasts for about a week and doesn’t do that patchy thing on your skin that other tans do when they flake off and leave your skin looking like you’ve got a liver infection, if you know you know. I fully rate this. Available at Feel Unique.