Ive been loving pyjama style shirts recently! I think they look great paired with some mom jeans for that casual slouchy look.

Top & Bottoms: H&M

Top: Topshop

Bralet: ASOS

Belt: ASOS

Jeans: Vintage Levis

Top: (as before)

Belt: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop Jamie

Boots: Old old Topshop, style is called Ava, I’ve seen them knocking about on Depop.

Top: Topshop

Everything else as before


Having worked in retail for nearly 4 years now, getting called into a last min shift is nothing new. I don’t mind though, help the team out n all that. This Sunday I was called in for a 7am start (fresh) and I had plans for brunch after. I needed a glam look which wouldn’t take long in the morning but actually looked like I’d made effort. Whenever I’m tired, I avoid heavy eye make up and it just emphasises and draws attention to my sleepy eyes. Plus, I always go by either doing bold eyes or a bold lip, don’t do both.

Face: I mixed MAC Strobe Cream with my Sephora foundation to give my face a glow to eliminate fatigue. Then went in with Topshop Bronzer, NYX Contour Palette and Becca Highlighter.

Eyes: I used a fluffy blending brush to dust shades from the NYX Contour Palette over my eye to lightly contour the eye. Touched up with Maybelline Mascara and Brow Gel on the brows.

Lips: Dark lipsticks suit me much more now that I’ve died my hair back brown. I used a Topshop Lip Liner and Matte Lip Bullet. A great dupe of Diva from MAC.

Hair: I curled my hair the night before with a wand and then when I woke up the next day the curls had dropped out into a beachy look, I restyled it slightly in the morning with sea salt spray.

Outfit: I literally just went for my black Jamie jeans, Topshop Boutique grey vest and a leather jacket. Finished the look with my Saint Laurent scarf, you can get a Topshop dupe here.

For brunch I went to Bills on Wellington Street. V nice but Breakfast Club will always be my fave.



Remember a year or so back when chokers became a thing again? Yeah well I despised them and swore I’d never wear one. But being the hypocrite that I am I saw them in a new light this season. OBVI inspired by/slightly copying my fave Kendall Jenner I jumped on board. However, I decided to experiment first with ribbon instead of spending £8 on one from Topshop. I used black velvet ribbon to give it a bit of texture. It’s such a good idea as you can alternate lengths to create bows (as seen above) or just tie a knot on the back for the classic choker look. I bought my ribbon from John Lewis, but you can purchase ribbon pretty much anywhere!



I was on the hunt for a PJ style top which wasn’t actually PJ’s when I came accross this beaut metallic shirt from Topshop. I didn’t end up purchasing this in the end and I’m instantly regretting.

Shirt: £42 Topshop (currently sold out online)

Jeans: £40 Topshop Black Jamie Jeans

Belt: £22 Topshop (currently sold out online)

Boots: I bought these in the Topshop sale 2 years ago. They were a premium boot called ABA and originally at £95 and I managed to bag them for £15 in the sale! Keep an eye out on depop as I’ve seen a few being sold.